'Great joy starts with beautifully crafted space and beautifully crafted space should feel comfortable within the architectural framework in which it sits. "Contemporary" does not have to be cold, "restraint"  austere, nor "minimal" shallow or uninviting. Rather, a beautifully crafted space should sit comfortably within it's environment. It should frame, nurture and support daily life, encouraging fluidity for movement, growth and possibility.'

Matthew seeks to create harmonious interiors that marry a sense of place with the DNA of the client whilst staying true to the ideas and open to the magic. His interiors always seek to inspire or transport the end user even in the most subliminal way. His interiors are created delicately so that sense is made, or felt, in the crafting of the space and the relationship of the objects and materials between each other. 'Not everyone can be the hero, some have to be chiefs and others Indians so that when the spotlight is on them, they shine'.

Matthew is a firm believer in practicality but sees practicality as a means to an end in itself, as often producing boring and visionless outcomes. 'Good design marries form, function and feeling so that the outcome is more than just the some of its parts.' Matthew believes that good design is for all and can be used as a tool for the betterment of society.